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Skin Texture & Tone:

The journey of a picture-perfect look can be quite a long and tricky one. Achieving your Ideal skin texture and tone can be quite challenging on your own. Our medical experts at Avo Medical Aesthetics want to be your guides on your beautifying expedition. We offer a handful of treatments that can help smoothen your skin and even out your tone for a lustrous glow!

Avo Medical Aesthetics specializes in physician-regulated non-surgical aesthetics to help bring your beauty to light. Our medical staff’s highest priority is your safety and satisfaction on the road to achieving your aesthetic goals. Explore our treatment options and find out how we can enhance your image! 

What Injectables and Dermal Fillers Do We Offer For Skin Tone And Texture?

  • BOTOX® is one of the most familiarized injectables in aesthetic medicine. This famous formula of purified botulinum toxin protein can help smoothen skin texture from fine lines and crow’s feet!

  • Juvéderm® is just one of a series of safe and effective glamorizing products to fill in moderate to severe wrinkling around the mouth and nose!

  • Volbella® can help erase lip lines around the mouth!

  • Voluma® can even help skin texture and lift the cheeks for a youthful facial profile!

Here are some other revitalizing treatments that can help enhance skin tone and texture!

  • IPL – Intense Pulsed Light is a highly precise and innovative treatment option to correct skin tone on numerous parts of the body for a radiant look!

  • VENUS VERSA - laser is a rejuvenating way to refresh the skin for a youthful glow!

  • Chemical Peels are an advanced solution to even out pigment for a luminous and balanced tone!

  • LaseMD® is a highly advanced laser treatment that resurfaces the skin, giving it a brighter tone and improves texture. Can be used anywhere on the body for treatments of:

  •  fine lines and wrinkles age spots, freckles, sunspots

  • non-cancerous pigmented lesions

  •  sun damage. to help erase unwanted pigment!

  • PRP Facial is an all-natural treatment option that uses the patient’s very own blood to balance skin texture and helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles!

  • Microneedling is an innovative procedure that helps stimulate the body’s own moisturizing process to create silkier texture!

If you are facing difficulties with lacking skin texture or tone, contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out which of these exciting, innovative treatment options may be right for you!



Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of getting older. We all begin to see them in our skin as we age. As we examine ourselves in the mirror, it is easy to feel discomforted at the sight of how age is reflected in our appearance. If you feel bothered by how wrinkles are affecting your look, it may be time to consider a solution. Avo Medical Aesthetics offers several exciting treatment options to turn back the clocks on your skin!

What Are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are creases or lines that form in our skin, typically found around the mouth, neck, and eyes.

What Causes Fine Lines And Wrinkling?

Age is the most common cause of wrinkles. As we age, our skin progressively loses volume and elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and folds.

Excessive sun and UV ray exposure can deplete the skin’s natural moisture, speeding up the aging process of the skin.

Frequently using our facial muscles causes wrinkles as our skin loses elasticity.

Smoking shifts the body’s supply of blood, speeding up the skin’s aging.

How Can Wrinkles Be Treated?

Our medical experts practice these anti-wrinkling treatments to help keep your skin looking young and healthy:

  • BOTOX® is a very well-known injectable that can help reduce fine lines and crow’s feet!

  • Juvederm® along with Volbella and Voluma can help smooth wrinkles and lift facial features!

  • Microneedling & microchanneling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses micro-needles that will penetrate the skin and treat it with collagen induction therapy that will hydrate and volumize the targeted areas!

  • PDO smooth collagen threads are a wonderful way to decrease the appearance of folds!

  • For a radiant glow, LaseMD treatments can brighten your aesthetic!

  • Viva versa RF laser can resurface younger skin!

Wrinkles can be hard to look away from when you examine your reflection. Avo Medical Aesthetics wants to help refresh your skin and beautify your image! Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out which of these anti-wrinkling treatments may be right for you! We look forward to helping you love the way you look!


Our board-certified aesthetics practitioner Melissa, will be more than happy to go over all the details that may concern you on the day of your scheduled consultation. This way we ensure that our prospective patients leave with a complete understanding as to what the procedure entails, and all their questions are answered.

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