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Expanding His Passion and Accomplishments

Jon studied and trained under Sebastian International in Woodland Hills and Tarzana, California. He was an educator in the industry from the Inland Empire to the ocean and the desert. As part of Sebastian's artistic team, he traveled worldwide, working at the Beverly Hills Salon and Skin Center for six years while commuting from the Inland Empire. Starting at an early age, Jon worked behind the scenes with Sebastian, providing hair, skin, and makeup services for MTV and serving as a judge for numerous hair and makeup competitions. Jon trained many assistants who are now owners and platform artists globally. He also provided makeup and hairstyling for operas and Broadway shows in Los Angeles for six years. Additionally, Jon showcased his talents at the Grammys and other prestigious events, always staying ahead of the latest techniques and hair trends. His deep passion lies in making his clients feel and look their best.


Championing Native American Heritage and Giving Back

Jon, a Native American from the Luiseño/Cahuilla Tribe, has significantly promoted Native American heritage, demonstrating charity and compassion. He has been instrumental in the success of the “Celebrating Mom's Resource Fair” and “Baby-N-Me” programs, sponsored by San Manuel and other Tribal nations, and the Native American Resource Center. These programs aim to raise awareness about maternal mental health and provide resources to new and pregnant moms within and outside Riverside-San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc.

As an advocate for postpartum depression awareness, Jon reaches out to his Native family for help and participation in events, providing valuable information and educating them about the Native American healthcare system. During these events, he offers customized styles and aesthetic treatments, has purchase clothing for infants, and distributes handouts and product samples, all out of generosity and kindness.


Jon and his cousin Melissa are strong supporters and participants in the Family Health Fairs, including the Pauma Reservation and Indian Health Council San Diego, CA. These fairs aim to "Empower Native Wellness" by offering a wide range of outreach, educational, and prevention services with a focus on culturally supported and evidence-based practices. Services include targeted outreach, engagement, and intergenerational events that promote community empowerment and participation.


At the “Celebrating Health Through Tradition” event in Palm Springs, sponsored by the San Manuel Riverside/San Bernardino County Indian Health, Inc., Jon continued his high level of participation. He is an avid participant in the Native American community, attending Tribal conferences, events, pow-wows, seminars, and educational opportunities. Jon continuously looks for ways to give back, uphold the Luiseño/Cahuilla way, and maintain pride among his people.


Jon’s dedication extends to volunteering at the Loma Linda Pink Runway event, driven by the loss of his Auntie Millie to breast cancer. His unbreakable passion for finding a cure and raising awareness for breast cancer is evident in his enthusiastic participation.

Deepening His Native American Roots

Jon's connection to his Native American heritage is deeply rooted in the values and traditions of the Luiseño/Cahuilla Tribe. He actively participates in tribal ceremonies and rituals, helping to preserve and promote cultural heritage. Jon's work with the tribal community extends beyond health fairs and awareness programs. He collaborates with tribal elders to document and revive traditional healing practices, integrating these ancient techniques with modern aesthetic treatments to offer a unique blend of holistic care.


Jon is committed to mentoring the younger generation within his tribe. He conducts workshops and training sessions to teach traditional arts and crafts, storytelling, and the importance of cultural identity. By empowering the youth with knowledge and skills, Jon ensures the continuation of the Luiseño/Cahuilla legacy.

His efforts in community building include organizing cultural exchange programs where tribal members can share their heritage with others, fostering mutual respect and understanding. Jon's dedication to his people is evident in his continuous support for initiatives that aim to improve the overall well-being of Native American communities.

Recognitions and Awards

Jon's exceptional contributions to both the aesthetics industry and his Native American community have earned him numerous accolades. He has been recognized by various organizations for his outstanding service, including awards for cultural preservation, community service, and excellence in medical aesthetics. These honors reflect his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in every aspect of his work.

Personal Philosophy and Vision

Jon believes in the holistic approach to beauty and wellness, where physical appearance and inner well-being are interconnected. His philosophy is to treat each client with personalized care, considering their unique needs and cultural backgrounds. Jon envisions a world where traditional knowledge and modern science coexist harmoniously, offering the best of both worlds to enhance the quality of life for all.

"Creator has truly blessed Jon by giving him such talents for those in need of these services, and it is in His name that he believes in helping others."

 " As we walk the earth, may our steps be light and our hearts be full, guided by the wisdom of our ancestors and the sprit of the land."

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