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Frequently Asked Questions
What is IV drip vitamin therapy?
Who can benefit from IV drip therapy?                    
Why choose Avo Med spa IV drip hydration therapies         
What can I expect after the infusion?
How frequently can I get an infusion?
How long does it take?
Is there a doctor present?
Why is IV drip vitamin therapy so beneficial?                    
 What are the risks and side effects of IV drip vitamin therapy?      

Microneedling/Microchanneling FAQs


Q: Does microneedling or microchanneling hurt?

A: Not at all! Thanks to quick pulses per second, you’ll feel only minimal discomfort during our microneedling and microchanneling treatments. Plus, we enhance your comfort by applying a topical anesthetic. Relax and enjoy the rejuvenation! 

Q: How long does one treatment of microneedling or microchanneling take?

A: At AVO Medical Aesthetics, both microneedling and microchanneling are quick and effective treatments. A standard session typically lasts around 1 hour, while sessions with PRP may extend to approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Experience the transformative benefits in minimal time!

Q: Is there anything I should do before booking a microneedling & microchanneling appointment?

A: Absolutely! At AVO Medical Aesthetics, we recommend starting with a consultation to ensure you are an ideal candidate for microneedling and microchanneling. This personalized approach sets the stage for a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. Schedule your consultation for a beauty transformation journey! 

Q: Will there be a long period of downtime after microneedling or microchanneling?

A: Not at all! After just 24 hours, you can resume your normal activities. Your aesthetics nurse practitioner will guide you on a home skincare regimen. However, for optimal results, avoid direct sunlight for at least 48 hours post-microneedling and microchanneling treatments. Always remember to apply sunscreen when outdoors. 

Q: I heard that there will be swelling and discoloration after treatment. Is this true?

A: Yes, it’s common to experience mild swelling after microneedling and microchanneling treatments. However, the redness typically reduces by 50% within hours of leaving our medical spa. Embrace the initial glow as your skin undergoes a transformative journey!

Q: Can I wear makeup after a microneedling or microchanneling treatment?

A: Absolutely! We recommend using mineral makeup, and you can start applying it just 24 hours after your treatment. Enhance your beauty with confidence! 

Q: What kinds of results should I expect after microneedling & microchanneling?

A: Your journey to radiant skin unfolds over time:

• Day 1 to 2: Superficial reddening and mild swelling subside.

• Day 2 to 7: Experience exfoliation and dryness.

• After 1 Week: Begin to notice improvements in skin texture and tone.

• After 3 Weeks: Noticeable improvement in pigmentation.

• After 6 Weeks: Witness enhancements in fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Embrace the gradual transformation!

Q: How often will I need microneedling or microchanneling to maintain its effects?

A: Results vary, but for optimal benefits, AVO Medical Aesthetics suggests a course of 3 treatments (up to 6, depending on your needs) spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Maintain your radiant glow with a personalized treatment plan! 

Q: What about PRP and how does it work with microneedling

PRP can enhance collagen and elastin production in deeper skin levels. Microneedling with PRP effectively treats acne scars, surgical scars, wrinkles, and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, large pores, uneven skin texture irregularities, and it helps to decrease the appearance of stretch marks.

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