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Joe Baes RN

IV Therapy

Joe Baes RN is an aesthetics provider at Avo Medical Aesthetics Spa. His passion for wellness and aesthetics is what led him to pursue a career in this field. Joe has been a registered Nurse for 17 years, and while his expertise is in dialysis, he wants to bring that same care and experience to the aesthetics practice. Joe's experience in the US Navy, traveling throughout Asia and Europe, has given him a unique perspective and appreciation for different cultures and customs.

He became interested in aesthetics when he had his

deviated septum fixed and became fascinated at how

they were able to correct the problem.

At Avo, he has been training for PRP laser hair removal

and have been observing his peers in microneedling

procedures. For now, he is the provider doing IV

therapy and enjoying it. Striving to provide the highest

quality of aesthetic services, Joe's mission is to make

sure that every patient receives individualized and

personalized care.

Joe intends to complete his education in advanced

aesthetics to stay up to date on the latest developments

and innovations. He is dedicated to helping clients get

the best possible results by using the latest technology

and techniques in the aesthetics field.

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