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 Sergio Guzman

 Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Phlebotomist.

Sergio has worked in the medical field for over 8 years in family practice, Pediatrics, Wound care, and Primary Care clinics. Sergio understands the complex emotions patients have before a procedure.

He makes sure all the patients have an open channel of communication and the opportunity to ask all questions they may have. His goal is to make sure that every patient is excited about their procedure. For Sergio, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the transformation through the patients’ eyes.

Always with a smile on his face, he will make you feel at home from the moment

you talk to him over the phone. He loves people and always makes great connections

with our patients. Sergio collaborates closely with the patients; He has become a skin

enthusiast while working at Avo med spa and is always learning the latest information

to better assist our patients. His knowledge and assistance extend to keeping our clients

informed and reminded about promotions and new offerings.

Sergio enjoys collaborating with patients and is an excellent resource for answers to

your questions about Avo’s medical skin care. With his passion for aesthetics, health,

and beauty, He loves having the opportunity to help people daily.

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