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Jon Mendoza

Director of Operations, Medical Aesthetics, CMM, PMTP

Certified Medical Micropigmentation • ParaMedical Tattoo practitioner

Jon is a medical aesthetician with a profound understanding of the physiology of our largest organ – the skin. His extensive training allows him to provide unbiased and effective recommendations for skin health and longevity, which serves our clients well. Jon’s love for medical aesthetics delivered in a soothing spa environment makes him a perfect fit for Avo Aesthetics Med Spa. His consultations are educational, often blending multiple modalities in collaboration with Melissa Staricka, Nurse Practitioner to create custom treatments that achieve the healthiest most beautiful results.

He believes that staying current with new advances and technology

is the only way to serve our clients and so he dedicates considerable

effort to researching new treatments for our practice. Some of Jon’s

favorite treatments are medical grade peels and collagen induction

therapy with microneedling for the wide range of conditions it can

treat and proven results over time. By creating tiny channels in the

skin, microneedling stimulates the process that stimulates collagen.

This also creates a direct channel for nutrient rich skincare to be

absorbed instantaneously. Collagen regeneration is foundational to

long term beauty and younger looking skin. Treatments like microneedling and microchanneling allow complete customization to each client. Jon is uniquely skilled and progressively improves each treatment for exceptional results.

Jon Mendoza, Owner, Director, and Educator of DeJon Aesthetics Wellness Center built an incredible reputation with over 30 years of experience in the beauty and Aesthetics industry. Attending American Institute of Aesthetics, Nima Institute, Xtetic Academy, American Laser University and certified in Laser Hair Removal, Intense Pulsed Light, Intracell Fractional RF Microneeding, E Z P R F Platelet Rich Fibrin, NOVA P.D.O. Threads and ProFx Aquafacial Exfoliation System. just to name a few.

His medical background comes from 30 plus years of experience working with the top dermatologist in the Inland Empire and working and assisting several plastic surgeons and associated with several medical aesthetics & spas as a medical aesthetician as their skin specialist and permanent makeup practitioner.

In 1990 Jon started his career as a Certified Medical Micropigmentation and a seasoned Permanent Makeup and ParaMedical Tattoo practitioner with over 30 yrs. of experience. He is a Master Technician and has performed procedures in the safety and comfort of a doctor’s office, as he worked for Plastic Surgeons and dermatology and Spa clinics.

He is a pioneer in the permanent make-up industry. Since then, his business has served as a training facility for research for Permanent make-up, Color Technology, Advance Dermouflage.

Since Jon started in his business, he has thousands of hands-on procedures to date, many of his clients have problems with medical conditions such as revising the areolas, scars, stretch marks, surgical scars, hypo, or hyper pigmentation, suffer from alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss,

Scars can be camouflaged by adding pigment to those areas, thus bringing it back to the color of the surrounding skin. He can create new eyebrows and line eyes and lips to enhance a client’s face.

He is an artist who understands how color choices, shaping techniques, and attention to detail will give you the most satisfying results. He gives every client his complete, personal attention and genuinely listens to their requests regarding color and individualized style and shapes.


Jon uses State-of-the-Art equipment, the most up to date techniques, topical anesthetics, and disposable instruments. He uses only the highest quality pigments that are FDA approved for the face, giving added assurance against allergic reaction. The probability of experiencing an allergic response is practically zero. He is dedicated to high standards of professionalism.

He receives referrals from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, physicians, cosmetologists, aestheticians, and many clients who have experienced his work in the past.

Jon’s impressive background does not stop there.

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